Our mission is to provide all patients and their families with the best possible ophthalmic care in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

We are on the staff of Wills Eye Institute, Lankenau Hospital and Pennsylvania Hospital with academic appointments at Thomas Jefferson University. We have trained over 300 residents and fellows through our practice who are now working throughout the United States and internationally. We are innovative physicians who use the latest technologies to treat our patients, and always with a personal touch.

The physicians at Annesley, Flanagan, Stefanyszyn and Associates specialize in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are board certified Ophthalmologists, and are considered leaders in their fields.

Oculoplastics Service

Our Oculoplastic Service evaluates and treats patients with diseases of the eyelids, orbit and lacrimal system. We correct eyelid malpositions such as ptosis (droopy eyelid), lid retraction, ectropion and entropion. Lacrimal surgery for blocked and infected tear ducts is part of our specialty.
Our orbital service treats orbital fractures, tumors, infections, thyroid eye disease and reconstructs the orbital socket following eye removal. We reconstruct eyelids and orbits following trauma or tumor removal.
Our cosmetic services include: eyelid plastic surgery (blepharoplasty), facial peels, BOTOX® and Thermage ® treatments, filler injections for wrinkles (Restylane), and facial peels.
We are certified members of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery.

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